Snowdrop and Crocuses  Single snowdrop amidst crocuses Blossoms  Bright back-lit alder blossoms Frogs  Spawning grass frogs Catkins  Bright back-lit willow catkins Regeneration  Cherry blossom meeting the residual of last year’s cherry Waiting  Dandelion seeds waiting for a windblow
Neottia nidus-avis  Bird's nest orchids in a shady forest Damselfly Mating Wheel  Mating damselflies Shadow  Dragonfly shadow on an alder leaf Hyla arborea  Tree frog on the look-out Papilio machaon  Swallowtail butterfly on a coneflower Grass  Summer grass
Colchicum autumnale  Meadow saffron in dew-covered grass Grass  Back-lit autumn grass Dew  Dew-covered spider web Fallen Leaves  Fallen leaves covering the ground Amanitha muscaria  Bright red fly agaric mushrooms Leaf  Colorful aspen leaf caught in dry grass
Dipsacus  Hoarfrost covered teasel spadices Sparkles  Hoarfrost covered Wild Carrot umbels sparkling in the back-light Row  Fruit trees in a row Hoarfrost  Hoarfrost covered oak leaves Hoarfrost  Hoarfrost covered dog rose hip Icicles  Icicles melting in the winter sun