Italy 2011

National Flag  National flag of Italy Lipari  Bay and historic city of Lipari Vulcano  Vulcano seen from Lipari Speedboat  Speedboat passing two rocks near Lipari Sunrise  Sunrise at the Lipari bay Harbor  Harbor scene at Lipari
Cruising  Leaving Lipari Vulcano  Fumarole on Vulcano Vulcano  Gran Cratere on Vulcano Mudbath  Taking a mudbath on Vulcano Church  Old church in Lipari City Cruising  Heading for Salina
Strombolicchio  Small island Strombolicchio close to Stromboli Lizard  Taking a sunbath Gecko  Sticking to a stonewall Stairway  Colorful flowers hanging over a stairway Ape  Tricycle on Stromboli Door  Old house on Stromboli
Jesus  Statue of Jesus on a graveyard on Stromboli Crosses  Crosses on a graveyard on Stromboli Bartender  Bartender couple on Lipari Salina  Salina seen from Lipari Pensive  Watching the activities at Lipari Harbor Stromboli  Eruption of vulcano Stromboli